07 August, 2009

The Start of the Magical Ghetto Burger Tour!!

Hi friends! I know it has been a little while since my last lovely little post, but I'll have you know, I have been quite busy!! Life has a great way of reminding you that you are just a weeeeee speck of dust in the large universe, while larger forces move around you bringing birth, death, future plans, career moves, etc. Before I knew it, weeks had gone by without updating my bloggy-blog!! Believe me, it isn't because I haven't recently dined anywhere fabulous, but rather it was just that a few recent challenges came my way for me to kick their butt. Now that I've done that, here's a post to get you through your weekend: we're going on a Magical Ghetto Burger Tour!!!

Not to be confused with a psychedelic Beatles-esque acid trip in the woods while staring at trees and kaleidoscope figures, but rather this is the start of a tour of some of LA's less popular or known burger joints in some of the more colorful and exciting parts of town. We'll visit those parts deemed "notorious" and seek out the peaceful and uniting power of food. No matter what race, nationality, color or orientation, EVERYONE loves good food.

Our first stop is Mom's Burgers in Compton, CA. Situated just north of the industrial area of the 91 freeway, the small traditional burger stand sits quietly along Alondra Avenue across the street from an inviting Southern Baptist Church. It was a warm Saturday afternoon when we made the trip to try a famously big and juicy Mom's burger. While there wasn't a line of customers waiting, business was quite steady at 3pm.

The menu includes various burger options including a bacon burger, a double meat burger, a turkey burger, and even Mom's special with a fried egg on your burger. Being my first trip, I decided to try a good starter burger - the bacon cheeseburger. Because each burger is made to order, your service is definitely not "fast." They also don't ask the customer how they like the burger to be cooked, but I feared not. A meal comes with a side of fries, which are not just salted, but SEASONED salted. We were off to a great start.

The burger is cooked medium without a hint of pink. Not really my preference, but it was still juicy and tasty. The burger itself stood out with its peppery seasoning and slight char. The bacon, on the other hand, could have used another minute or two on the grill, as it was a bit undercooked. But the burger was definitely worth the drive to the 91, and even with a full belly of burger, the fries were hard to resist.

Overall, Mom's Burger did not disappoint. The traditional burger stand proved it could compete against many other lauded joints, and I look forward for the next stop on the Magical Ghetto Burger Tour - stay tuned!!

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  1. I am SO in the mood for a burger now. And by now, I mean NOW.

  2. Curious how you find this place?

    I've never seen a Mom's burger deconstructed. There's never enough time to actually survey the burger prior to chowing. Always so hungry during lunch.

  3. My boyfriend actually read about it on yelp. He was following a few reviews about some burger joints in the outskirts of LA proper. I think our next stop is a burger stand in Watts. Stay tuned!

  4. Gotcha. I was the first to post up pix on Yelp & have tried to hype this place everywhere.

    The Watts burger joint is purely a size queen.

    (Un)fortunately, you started with the best in the bunch. Enjoy your tour!