15 December, 2008

Nothing But Sweet At Tart

There's nothing like the chill in the air to bring out the appetite in all of us. With the holiday season in full swing, one of my favorite ways of spending time with friends right before all of the family holiday fun is to brunch. Brunching with friends is the perfect way to celebrate in the middle of the day when you still have some energy and without imposing on anyone's evening holiday plans.

One of the best locations for brunch in the L.A. area is Tart. Located in what used to be a rinky-dink motel now transformed into the kitschy Bo-Ho Chic Farmer's Daughter hotel, Tart offers the perfect amount of sweet to compliment the winter bitter. There is a small indoor dining area, but if you can brave the cool air, sitting outside is the best option (especially under beautiful So. Cal. skies).

The breakfast/brunch menu features a number of tasty traditions with eggs, but not to be underestimated are the flapjacks. Light and fluffy and topped with a dusting of powdered sugar, you might forget about the protein on your plate and concentrate on these pillows of goodness. Feel free to try one of their five variations of flapjacks. Or all five.

Other brunch options include a three-cheese omelet with gruyere, aged cheddar and jack cheeses, or my personal favorite, the California omelet, made with avocado, green chiles, white onions and Sonoma jack cheese. So simple and yet so delicious, just like your mimosa, you might order a second omelet... for more energy for shopping, and in a to-go box, of course.

For those who prefer eating closer to lunch over breakfast, the Twisted BLT is a great way to begin your afternoon. The generous hickory smoked bacon strips and fried egg make this hybrid BLT a brunch item. And the butter on the bread will perk your taste buds up about as much as the coffee (and bacon, for that matter).

Got the in-laws coming into town and don't feel like waking up at 6am to start making 10 people another buffet? Take them to Tart! At least you might be able to take them across the street to the Grove shopping area after brunch and lose them in the crowd for a couple hours... Happy Holidays!!

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